Concierge Services

ACS concierges deliver a front of house service that provides you with the security you need, as well as a professional service that adds value to your offices or apartment building.

We pride ourselves on the excellent standard of service that we provide and this is achieved through the focus we place on understanding the requirements of your business, our robust recruitment process and subsequent training and development of all our staff.

The service our concierges will provide is tailored to your individual needs and these can typically include:

  • Politely greeting employees/residents and visitors
  • Monitoring the arrival and departure of all personnel
  • Carrying out a range of, ‘Good Neighbour' duties including taking in parcel deliveries and spare keys
  • Ensuring the security of the building and the safety of all those within
  • Providing security outside the building and taking immediate action should safety and security be a concern
  • Responding rapidly and professionally to all emergencies
  • Providing courteous and well informed assistance at all times
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